Franchisees Testimonials

Franchisee, England, UK

Edward Jenkins

My own career started in the Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineering Officer after which I moved into the IT industry where I was employed for a number of years. Throughout this period I have always thought about running my own business and so I eventually took an early ‘retirement’. I  then decided that for me Franchising would be the best route into business and undertook a lot of research looking at various Franchises before I came across NobleProg. I talked to Bernard, the Franchisor, and immediately liked what I heard in terms of how the business is structured the service it offers plus the enthusiasm of Bernard and his team, and so back in February 2011 I became a Franchisee in the UK. I have not for one moment regretted my decision which has been both profitable from day 1 and enjoyable (I now have my daughter working for me as a Training Co-ordinator). The help and support I get from the NobleProg team is first class and the business systems available to me as Franchisee makes the day-to-day running of the business a smooth operation.


Master Franchisee, Poland

NobleProg Master Franchisee

Grzegorz Pruszczynski

I started the franchise in 2006 and it has really changed my life.
I came from non technical background with little business experience in over this period I have progressed to Master Franchisee and my earnings are much more than I anticipated.I received on going support and training from NobleProg and the chance to grow rapidly.
NobleProg allows me to have a flexible lifestyle in terms of family life. I have a seven year old son and I really appreciate their patience and support that they have given me over the years. I have the opportunity to work from home and in the office in Warsaw.
When I first started I didn't realise the potential and I am truly grateful to have been given this olive branch.


Franchisee in Poznan and Wroclaw, Poland

NobleProg Franchisor

Filip Stachecki

  1. Why did you choose to start a franchise with NobleProg in comparison to starting your own business?
    Filip: It was a very attractive model, they have all processes in place and only ask for 10% of my revenue. They are also one of the biggest training provider in Poland. They have worked with a huge amount of blue chip companies. When I spoke to the director he was professional and had concise answers to all of my questions. Why try and beat them when you can join them?
  2. How does the franchise adapt to having a family life (Lifestyle)?
    Filip: It really works well I have a small child already and I am able to balance child care and running my business perfectly. I have time for my family when I need to be there and also have time to run my business effectively.
  3. What would you estimate your potential earnings be based on sales so far?
    Filip: I think I will bring in around £100K in my first year. Things are going better than expected! I rented a lovely modern office and due to my progress I have been offered another territory
  4. How has working with NobleProg changed your life?
    Filip: It has really changed my life I have maximised my earning potentials, become my own boss, a business owner and have time for my family
  5. How have you found the support and training?
    Filip: It has been fantastic whenever I need help Bernard is there or the team in Poland to support me
  6. How have you found the processes?
    Filip: Great every Wednesday we have a scrum meeting and we go through processes, simplifying processes and learning BPM 
  7. How easy would you say it has been to set up?
    Filip: Very easy