Why NobleProg?

Why would I choose NobleProg?

  1. Tried and tested
    A proven business model which has provided a stable, profitable business since 2005.
  2. World's local training provider
    NobleProg has the strength of a big corporation and the flexibility of local providers
  3. Flexible model for all kinds of markets
    We focus on both established and emerging markets
  4. Unique offering
    Instead of competing on 'comoditized' and certification courses, we focus on cutting edge courses customized to our customzers.

What are the major differences between the NobleProg offer and other leading training franchises?

  1. Fully customised courses
  2. Because courses are created by trainers worldwide, our courses adjust to the market demand much faster than typical training company
  3. Truly global
    We are global, therefore via benefit of scale, we can invest more in process automation, course development and improvement of the infrastructure than any other local training company
  4. Truly local
    NobleProg originated in an emerging market economy (Poland) and successfully expanded to established markets (UK, US), therefore we know how to deal with both kinds of markets
  5. Unique courses and technologies
    Our offer is in a big part unique, we offer a lot of the newest technologies no-one else offers on the market
  6. Use of Artificial Intelligence and Latest Technology
    We use the latest methods to make course organization more efficient, starting from Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Business Process Management. 
    Our trainers/consultants participate in development of the newest standards and methods.
  7. Biggest investment in software and hardware
    NobleProg Tech provides franchisees with software and hardware they need to meet complext customer requirements. We invest millions of dollars to and strive to support franchisees with the most challanging lab setup and process automation.