Franchisee Recruitment Process

Initial Steps

  • Submit your history of employment/career, which may be in the form of a CV.
  • Schedule an initial interview, which includes a phone conversation and questions to the prospect franchisee.
  • Undergo due diligence.

References and Financial Verification

  • Provide two references (co-workers, employers, employees, or former business partners) with their email and phone number for a 30-minute conversation.
  • Submit your credit history, showing past loans, bankruptcy, other current liabilities, etc.
  • Provide bank statements showing the amount of money needed to start the business or other documents proving eligibility to start the franchise.

Business Plan and Agreement

  • Submit cash flows, financial forecasts, and a simple (no more than 2 pages) business plan created by the franchisee.
  • Sign the franchise agreement.
  • Pay any fees that are due.

Initial Training

  • Set up email accounts, system accounts, etc.
  • Cover all common functions in the system.
  • Explain the Franchisee Manual.
  • Explain all processes and case studies.

What if My Territory is Already Taken?

  • You can make an offer to buy the existing franchise.
  • You can choose an adjacent territory.
  • You can form a partnership with the existing franchisee.

Other Resources

For more detailed questions to prospect franchisees, please visit the Questions to Prospect Franchisee page.