Support Provided by the Franchisor

Q: Technical support for software/hardware

We provide 24/7 support to set up online labs, use backend systems, modify frontends, and more.

Q: Ongoing Training and Coaching

We provide up to 8 hours of free consultancy a month to our franchisees. Additionally, we have a full-time technical support team available.

Review Meetings

During review meetings, the Franchisor will help you understand what you did well and identify areas that require a more efficient approach.


At our conferences, you will be familiarized with future plans and improvements. You will also have the chance to discuss common problems and opportunities with other franchisees.

Ongoing Training

If there are substantial changes in the way you conduct your business, the Franchisor is obligated to train you so you can utilize the new features and grasp new opportunities.

Community Support

Remember that at NobleProg, you are not alone. Many people may have experienced the same problems and have discussed them on NobleProg Forums or other NobleProg Community resources.

Q: How do you improve the system and processes?

The Franchisee Agreement obliges you to contribute back any process or system improvements. We employ full-time staff, including a Chief Innovation Officer, to implement your suggestions in a matter of hours. This can relate to both the IT system and the business processes themselves.