Typical Day of a Franchise Owner

Q: What a typical business day of a Franchisee looks like?

If you start without employing anyone you will usually be:

  • Answering phones and replying to emails from prospect clients
  • Calling trainers and setting up dates for the courses
  • Booking classrooms, preparing computers (if applicable)
  • Advertising courses you want to sell on your local newsgroups, web pages, news-papers, etc...
  • Sending newsletters to people who have subscribed (discount and promotions, etc...)
  • Participating or providing courses you have organized and to control the quality of services

In second/third year:

  • Finding new key accounts
  • Supervising the training coordinator
  • Research new markets and customers
  • Building business in different territories/countries
  • Participating in standardization and organization meetings
  • Securing partnerships in your local area