NobleProg Facts

Q: What are basic NobleProg statistics?

Company Established 2005 April
Current number of franchisees 14
Franchisees sold by franchisees 2
Franchisees bankrupt 0
Total turnover around $10mn
Number of countries present 14
Courses offered (excluding translations) 2000+
Employees (full time or full time equivalent)
Includes franchisee staff
over 110+
Subcontractors over 2000
Number of past and present litigations 0
Number of people trained Over 230k
Average group size aroudn 5 participants

Q: What is the NobleProg management structure?

  • Franchisor (incorporated in the UK,  China, Poland)
    • Master Franchisees
      • Franchisees
        • Franchisee employees

Q: What is the strategic plan and goals of the Franchisor?
It is available at:

Q: What is the history of the Franchisor? How did this franchise get started?

  • The company was started by Bernard Szlachta in Poland in 2005.
  • He was a trainer irritated by the low quality of the training businesses.
  • He started to deliver the courses himself, later he hired a training coordinator and hired more trainers.
  • The informal franchise model has been running in Poland since 2006 and proved to be more efficient than a standard "full time employees" company.
  • From 2007 we started our activities in the UK.
  • From 1st of August 2009 the informal agreement between NobleProg and people cooperating has been formalized and put into a franchise context.
  • From 2012, US branch opened
  • In 2014, Canadian and German Franchisees joined
  • In 2015 we opened Chinese Headquarters in BeiJing
  • 2016 - office in Dheli and Mumbai, India
  • 2018 - Hong Kong office
  • 2019 - Singapore, Japan, Dubai
  • 2022 - Chinese HQ moved from Beijing to Zhuhai
  • 2022 - France, Belgium

Q: Long-term growth objects? How many units does the company eventually want and over what time frame?

  • China: max 100 franchisees
  • Poland: max 10 franchisees
  • United Kingdom: max 10 franchisees
  • Ireland: max 2 franchisees
  • United States: max 20 franchisees

Q: What markets are being targeted for development?

All countries with relatively stable government.

Q: What is the NobleProg price strategy?

Public courses prices depend on many factors like number of people, booking time, location etc... The mathematical model will be explained during the initial training.

Franchisees usually split the profit 40/60, i.e. 60% for the services provider, 40% for themselves. It is up to franchisee though to adjust the prices to the local markets.

Ultimate prices are decided by the franchise.

Q: Which companies are considered major competitors?

  • New Horizons
  • Learning Tree
  • Global Knowledge